I am running for The Register of Wills to lead, educate and advocate for Philadelphian’s whi have been getting the short end of the stick for far too long. I have spent most of my adult life fighting for those whose voices fall on deaf ears by the people who were elected to serve them. I realized The Register of Wills Office could have a great impact on the same people I’ve been fighting for. all of these years. I have a proven track record with community engagement as an elected committee person and former deputy commissioner. As Philadelphia’s next Register of Wills I plan to finally bring progressive ideas and change to that office leadership which has been comfortably in place for 40 years.

I plan to proactively and aggressively decrease the number of people losing their family inheritence thereby saving their legacy for future generations. I intend to create a clear pathway to untangle property titles which results in so many people losing their property because they lack education as well as someone advocating for their rights. Philadelphia currently has thousands of residents that are in jeopardy of losing their family homes. I will lead the charge as I’ve done in the past to give a voice to the underserved and create a pathway to keeping what their loved ones bequethed to them.


“Within the next 25 years, over $68 trillion in wealth will be transferred from Boomers to younger generations (the largest wealth transfer in American history). I come from a generation that took pride in homeownership, and it is in my interest as the register of wills to protect that tradition for all Philadelphians by introducing comprehensive probate reform.”

Tracey Gordon,